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Party All Night

Party lovers and nocturnal life lovers do not have to miss the ideal place for summer fun! Make every night count!

Good music, and excellent cocktails you will find in this holiday destination. Make every night count!

If you want to party all night and chill all day think of Shut Up Beach.

Mamaia Resort has a new meaning now that Shut Up Beach is here!

Come explore our smooth sand and our amazing cocktails. Come enjoy our classy restaurant and our cheerful bar, be part of the summer adventure.

Food, drink, and music for the night

Our clients choose us because we are probably the best.

Party all night

Parties here at Shut up Beach last all night!

Party all night: you can dance in the sand but you can also stay by the bar. Our bartenders will make sure your glass is always full. If you are hungry you can have a bite to eat – our chef is always ready to delight your taste buds